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Privacy Policy

The OSMT is committed to protecting the privacy of its members and clients.  All personal information collected by the OSMT is done so in accordance with the following privacy policy.

Personal Information

The OSMT collects information that will enable the Society to validate membership eligibility credentials and to facilitate the provision of services and benefits to its members and clients.  All personal information is securely stored and not released to outside parties, with the following exceptions:


  • The membership status of an individual on the OSMT roster may be verified for employers, those offering affinity programs to OSMT members, and the Society’s professional liability insurer.  No additional information is provided.
  • Communications to members by outside parties, such as educators and affinity program vendors, are approved by the OSMT and are administered by secure mailing house suppliers.  This enables the OSMT to provide members with information about events, activities, issues, and special offers which may be of interest.

OSMT certified Medical Laboratory Assistants/Technicians (MLA/Ts)

  • The certification of an individual as a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician (MLA/T) may be verified for employers.  No additional information is provided.
  • The names (only) of individuals who successfully challenge the OSMT MLA/T exam are published in the OSMT Advocate.
  • An individual’s MLA/T examination result is released only to the person who has written the MLA/T exam.  This information is always sent by mail, without exception, and is not made available by phone, fax, electronic mail, or any other means used for communications.

Aggregate Data

The OSMT may share aggregate data about it members and clients with other parties for demographic data for program assessment and improvement purposes.  Individual data is secure and not released.