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Advocate, advance and enhance medical laboratory professionals to facilitate collaborative practice, provide quality diagnostic information and improve healthcare.

Vision Statement
Medical Laboratory Professionals at the Centre of Healthcare.

Values Statement
Collaboration with integrity and respect.

Board of Directors

The Ontario Society of Medical Technologists (OSMT) Board of Directors is comprised of thirteen medical laboratory professionals (combination of MLTs and MLAs) member volunteers elected by the membership. 

As the governing body of the Society, the Board is responsible for setting policies and strategic directions, determining the budget, and hiring the Executive Director to implement the OSMT strategic plan. The OSMT has 8 geographical districts to help ensure the Board is represented across the province from the north to south to east and west. Our province is unique and although our issues are similar they also vary depending on location.

The OSMT ensures that the direction of the society is inclusive with member perspectives through the various committees and task forces that work in partnership with the board. Interested in volunteering? Click here for current volunteer opportunities.

The OSMT by-laws are currently being modernized. Phase 1 was voted on and passed at the 2017 AGM. Click here for the Revised OSMT By-Laws

The By-laws are support by Board Policies. This new document was developed in 2017 and is still being developed. Click here to review the new Board Policies.

In 2018 the Board of Directors will continue with modernizing the by-laws. These changes will be presented at the 2018 AGM.

2017 Board of Directors

Robert Scheuermann
Director District 8 
         Vice President
Aline Letourneau
District 2
    Past President
Karim Bhaloo
    Jim Uliana
Director District 1
  Lorraine Hart
Director District 3
    Debra Robertson
Director District 4
    Kamil Haddad
Director District 5
    Heather Hill
Director District 6

Vacant Position
Director District 7
         Corinne Atkinson
MLA/T Director at Large
    Greg Young
MLT Director at Large
      Conrad Bégin, Jr.
MLT Director at Large
    Pauline George
MLT Director at Large