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Credential for MLPAO or OSMT Certified MLA/Ts

The mission of the MLPAO is to advocate, advance and enhance medical laboratory professionals to facilitate collaborative practice, provide quality diagnostic information and improve healthcare.

The MLPAO Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician (MLA/T) certification exam provides the public and employers assurance of competent, knowledgeable and skilled health care providers, who meet provincial standards.  Certification credentials provide newly and previously certified MLA/Ts with increased employment opportunities and portability.

The MLPAO is implementing the use of a new credential that acknowledges these health care professionals who have met the provincial standards and are maintaining continued competence and professionalism.

This new credential “cMLA/TMLPAO“ will indicate that the MLA/T is certified and has met continuing education requirements.

*This credential will also apply to those that have passed the OSMT Certification Exam prior to November 1st, 2018.


Effective January 1st, 2019 anyone that is MLPAO certified and is a current MLPAO member will qualify to use the following credential cMLA/TMLPAO after their name.

As of January 1st, 2020 ongoing use of the credential requires:

  • Current MLA/T membership with the MLPAO.
  • 7 hours of continuing education annually.* 

Special Condition candidates may apply. Definition of special conditions are:  

  1. Must have successfully obtained MLA/T certification from an approved MLPAO program that has been deemed equivalent to MLPAO certification.
  2. Must be a current MLA/T member with the MLPAO.
  3. Must complete 7 hours of continuing education every year. (This can be loaded to the member portal).


The MLPAO is working closely with employers across Ontario to ensure that MLA/Ts have met the required competencies to be successful in their positions.

Confirmation of this credential can be conducted by employers.

A list of credentialed MLA/Ts will be accessible to the public through a search function available on the MLPAO website.

This list will be monitored to ensure that those using the credential meet the requirements.

The approval for the use of this credential is restricted to those that have successfully met the above conditions. Improper use of this credential is illegal and will be monitored.

*Continuing education requirements are identified in Appendix A. Hours must be accumulated within the calendar year. Proof must be loaded into the MLPAO membership portal.

For further information please contact:

Michelle Hoad, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Medical Laboratory Professionals' Association of Ontario 
(Formerly the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists)

To download a copy of these details, please click here.