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How does a doctor know which antibiotic to prescribe?
A lab test will give him/her the answer!
(Tammy, MLAT)

Every samples has a unique identifier to ensure results go to the right person.
(Adrienne, MLT)

Before a blood transfusion – lab tests are done to check compatibility between the donor & patient.
(Wendy, MLT)

Not all laboratory test are run by automation! #norobots
(Manuel, MLAT)

Approx. 7,000 people work as an MLT in Ontario!
(Heather, MLT)

     Your labtech knows how many tubes to draw for all your tests! #onlyoneprick
(Corrine, MLAT)

We're always open... lab work is done 24/7!
(John, MLT)

We can tell when you've had McDonalds...
(Michelle, MLT) 

80% of lab professionals are female! #whoruntheworld #wonderwomen
(Jen, MLAT)

Not sure where the lab is? It's probably in the basement.
(Samuel, MLT)

MLT's identify your blood type!
(Mike, MLT)

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