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OSMT Healthy Lab Challenge

Do you consider yourself a healthy person? Do you eat well, exercise and manage your stress well? Do your laboratory colleagues do the same?


Are you looking for a way to introduce health habits in your laboratory? Are you trying to get your laboratory colleagues more active, by moving and exercising? Are you trying to stop the junk food that is coming into your lunch room?

Then this challenge is for you!

The Contest
Enter your lab into the OSMT Healthy Lab Challenge. Teams must contain at least 5 participants At least 2 must be OSMT members. The contest will run 4 times through 2018, with a CASH payout of $1,000 per quarter to the team that wins.

• Q1 January 1st – March 31st
• Q2 April 1st – June 30th
• Q3 July 1st – September 30th  
Q4 October 1st – December 31st      ENTER NOW: email us at 

There are 4 team achievements:

1. Lose 5% of your total team’s body weight.
2. At least one person on your team must participate in a community health supported event (5km, 10km, etc, walk or run)
3. You must submit a 1,000 word write up on how your lab introduced/changed habits to become healthier lab professionals, submission may be published in the ADVOCATE
4. You must take a before or after, picture or video of your journey and results.

The team that hits all 4 achievements by the above listed deadlines will win $1,000 in cash.

Are you ready for the challenge? Then email us your team at and we will provide you more information.

Good luck and let’s get healthy together!

Q1 Winners!

Congratulations to Dynacare Bowmanville Lab on winning Q1 of the Healthy Lab Challenge!
Pictured here: Amy Talbot, Connie Gray, Noelle Wilcox, Franny Jewett, Ara Cho, Debi Robertson (BOD, District 4) Jill Vandenberg, Chelsea Gordon, Danielle Waite and Courtney Shields.

Click here to read their report!

Q2 Winners!

Congratulations to Notre Dame Hospital Lab, in Hearst Ontario for winning Q2 of the Healthy Lab Challenge!
Team Members Include: Valerie Rheaume, Gilbert Foisy, Elise Levesque, Lysa Pomminville, Joelle Jacques and Josee Veilleux.

Click here to read their report!