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Exam Re-Write 

If you have failed the OSMT exam once prior, You will receive in your exam results a Re-Write form. This form must be uploaded inorder to be approved as an re-write. Failure to upload your re-write form with VOID your application.

1) Register online -
2) You must upload your re-write form, failure to do so will VOID your registartion 
3) Complete your payment of $150.00 + tax 

Exam Transfer 

Applicants may transfer twice to the next consecutive exam before they must reapply.  Applicants who do not wish to transfer will have to reapply with full payment should they wish to write the exam at a later date. 

1) Download and complete the transfer form **You must email your transfer for to, if no payment follows, your application will be VOID**
2) Complete your payment of $125.00+ tax 

Exam Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw from the OSMT exam, you must make a written request 30 days prior to the exam date. You will only be refunded the exam fee and a $50 admin fee will apply. Refunds will be issued once the exam is complete.