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OSMT Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021

The Board of Directors of the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists (OSMT) met in April of 2018 to consider the results of an external environmental trends analysis, member needs data, and the results of a recent member needs survey to establish strategic goals to ensure OSMT remains relevant and of value to its members and stakeholders. The external environmental analysis gathered information on political, economic, social, sector-specific and technological trends that will impact the members and stakeholders of OSMT and the association itself over the next few years.

The planning process involved reviewing and revising the vision and mission statements and establishing goals to ensure resources are allocated to the achievement of that vision. A general consensus on the priorities for the strategies that resulted was developed.

New Vision Statement

The vision is based on current and anticipated needs of members and stakeholders, trends and issues in the environment, and reflects the desired position the association seeks to achieve. The following statement was developed to capture the OSMT vision.

Medical Laboratory Professionals at the Centre of Healthcare.


New Mission Statement

The mission defines the purpose of the organization, recognizes stakeholders, indicates needs and the products and services offered, and implies the image the organization seeks to project. The following mission was established to provide direction and support for the vision of the OSMT.

Advocate, advance and enhance medical laboratory professionals to facilitate collaborative practice, provide quality diagnostic information and improve healthcare.

The Board of Directors is committed to focusing on the vision and mission of the organization in an innovative, results-based, effective and fiscally responsible manner, with a foundation of strong governance and management leadership. The Board recognizes that the following factors are key to ongoing success:

  • Understanding member and stakeholder needs and wants;
  • Remaining focused on effective governance and delegating appropriately to management;
  • Providing members with quality products and services to enhance their effectiveness; and,
  • Constantly monitoring internal and external trends and re-prioritizing goals as new issues and challenges arise.

Twenty-six issues were identified by the Board. The following were identified as the most important desired “ends” taking into account the new vision, the external environment, a review of member needs, and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Allocating resources to these “ends” as a priority will help ensure OSMT achieves its future goals and vision.

OSMT Re-Brand

Member Engagement


Laboratory Professionals Career Advancement, Enhancement
and Exit-planning

Exam Accreditation & Computer Based Testing

This Strategic Plan sets out the priorities for the OSMT for the years 2018-2021. As new trends emerge, new issues may well surface – in that event, the Board will determine where on its list of priorities a new issue or desired “end” will fall.