MLA/T Certification: Online Payments

MLA/T Certification

Spring 2017 Exam Fee

Only MLA/T exam candidates who have received a letter from the OSMT Office stating they can reactivate for the June exam (June 17, 2017) may pay for this item online.

$169.50 Incl. HST

OSMT Study Package

The study package includes the textbook "Clinical Laboratory Science: The Basics and Routine Techniques, Seventh Edition" as well as histology and cytology notes, reference guide of Acts and Regulations, and sample exam questions. This package is NOT recommended for students or recent graduates.

$210.00 Incl. GST

Acts & Regulations reference booklet

This 31-page reference guide contains descriptions and sections of acts and regulations of Canada and Ontario that are relevant to laboratory assistants/technicians.

$15.00 Incl. GST

Histology & Cytology reference booklet

This 14-page document has just been updated to fall in line with the requirements of the updated OSMT MLA/T Competency Guidelines.

$15.00 Incl. GST

OSMT School Application Fee

This fee is for OSMT approved MLA/T programs to renew their approval for 2017-2018.

$847.50 Incl. HST