Education: Education Funding (AHPDF)

Education Funding (AHPDF)

AHPDF Funding Extended Another Year
For the ninth consecutive year, funding is available through HealthForceOntario to support eligible health professionals access professional development opportunities through the Allied Health Professional Development Fund. Practising/active members of nine allied health professions will be able to apply for as much as $1,500 for professional development activities.  This year, the fund will provide grants for professional development opportunities completed between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016.  See for details.



Continuing Education Using AHPDF's Electronic Health Library

The AHPDF has funded an Electronic Health Library for use by designated healthcare professionals, including MLTs.  THe EHL collection includes journals from a number of databases including Medline.  It is hosted by EBSCO and requires a bit of training to effectively search for articles of interest to you.  On-line interative training sessions have been arranged for 2015-2016.
The OSMT has started posting articles from the Electronic Health Library for our members in a variety of disciplines.  Visit the Members Only section of the OSMT webpages for the postings and use the library for CE credits.
Allied Health Professional Development Fund Librarian Services Pilot

As part of its continuing commitment to your professional development, the Allied Health Professional Development Fund (AHPDF) is pleased to tell you about a new, improved way to access the Electronic Health Library.
In March 2009, a survey of allied health professionals showed that more than 50% of respondents would use the Electronic Health Library if they had access to a professional librarian to assist with their searches. Based on this valuable feedback, we?re pleased to announce the launch of a pilot project through which eligible allied health professionals will have access to one-on-one librarian services when using the Electronic Health Library. 
Beginning in January 2010, take advantage of personalized librarian services via email and/telephone. Librarians will be available to assist you in your Electronic Health Library searches, helping you make the most of this valuable information resource.
How can I access these one-on-one librarian services?
Beginning in January 2010, there will be an ?Ask the Librarian? link found within the Electronic Health Library site accessed from ( Simply click the link to submit an email request to the librarian or to obtain telephone information.
What are the benefits of the Electronic Health Library?
Those who already use it know what a tremendous resource the library is. For those who haven?t used it yet, the library provides access to the most recent health care literature to help professionals determine the best approach to evidence-based practice. The AHPDF has invested in a multi-year subscription to this library to support your professional development.
Which professions are eligible?
Professionals eligible for this pilot must be currently registered as an audiologist, speech-language pathologist, dietitian, medical laboratory technologist, medical radiation technologist, occupational therapist, pharmacist, physiotherapist or respiratory therapist.
A few Key points:
  • You must have a user account to access the Electronic Health Library
  • The librarian/library technician is not to conduct the search for you; it is intended that they will coach and support you in carrying out your own search
  • You will be required to provide your name, professional designation and registration number prior to commencement of services 
  • You must verbally specify that you are not attending school full time or have access to a health sciences library at your place of employment to qualify for the service
  • You are limited to one search per month and cannot exceed 4 hours of librarian/library support per search
  • You will be requested to complete an online user satisfaction survey

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this valuable information tool. We will provide you with further updates (e.g. FAQs, brochures, etc.)  as they become available on the AHPDF website (

The following Literature Search Tutorials are available on the AHPDF website homepage (right side of page) at:
Basic Searching Video
CINAHL Tutorials
Retreiving Full Text Articles