Membership: Resume Postings

Resume Postings

OSMT members are invited to submit a brief résume (approximately 200 words or less) for posting on the OSMT website to assist in your job search. Please follow the outline provided when submitting your information Your résume should be submitted in sentence structure, not bulleted items.

  • Name:
  • Professional Designation:
  • CMLTO registration number:
  • OSMT membership number:
  • Discipline(s) of Interest:
  • City where employment wanted:
  • Brief description of work experience and education:
  • Contact phone number:
(OSMT office will remove after 30 days)

Please forward your resume information to

Do not copy text from other postings or your resume will be refused for posting on our site. Also, please indicate in your e-mail that you are submitting your resume for posting on the OSMT website as we want to ensure your attachments are safe to open.