International Applicants: MLA/T Exam

Exam information & deadlines

Do you qualify for MLA/T Certification?
The OSMT MLA/T Certification Committee receives applications to write the certification examination from individuals who fall into any one of the following categories:
Applicants must be enrolled in an OSMT approved training program and expect to obtain a diploma before the June 17, 2017 exam date. (Graduation must be validated prior to the exam.)


Applicants who have obtained a diploma from an OSMT approved training program within the last five (5) years.

Special Consideration 

  1. Canadian-trained or Canadian work experience
    Applicants who do not meet one of the above criteria may apply under "special consideration". Applicants must have a considerable record of related Canadian work experience and/or education. 
  2. Foreign-trained
    Applicants who obtained education or work experience outside of Canada may also apply under "special consideration" but must provide an academic credentials assessment prior to the exam date and must have experience that includes a minimum of 20 successful phlebotomy procedures, 10 successful ECG procedures, and 80 hours of practical experience in a medical testing facility. This must be verified by the laboratory director or supervisor. Proof of completion of experience requirements or equivalent must accompany the exam application.


: Exam application forms and documents are not to be submitted by fax. Applications should be mailed or post-marked by the deadline date. If delivering your application to the OSMT Office, you must bring the exact amount as we do not carry change. You may visit the OSMT Office between 9:00 am - 1:00 pm or 2:30 - 4:00 pm.

The OSMT Invites its Members to Participate in Renewal of the MLA/T Certification Exam
The OSMT is committed to ensuring that MLA/T training and testing is up-to-date and relevant to the current scope of practice in Ontario.  As part of this commitment, the OSMT continually renews the MLA/T Certification Exam.
We are assembling panels of experienced MLTs and MLA/Ts to review selected questions from the exam and draft new questions.  The time commitment consists of a few hours training at home on writing exam questions followed by a one-day session at the OSMT office.
Scope of Commitment:
Read the manual on writing exam questions
Identify reference materials for your selected section of the exam
Participate in a one day exam writing session
MLT or MLA/T with minimum of 5 years experience
Expertise in one or more laboratory technology specialties
Member of the OSMT
Take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the practice of medical technology. Develop skills to prepare for teaching or training!
Add to your professional portfolio!
Download and fill out the application form and return by fax (416-485-7660) or e-mail attachment to