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Regulatory Colleges

College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO)
E-mail: mail@cmlto.com
Web: www.cmlto.com
Phone: 416-861-9605 or 1-800-323-9672
25 Adelaide St. E., Suite 2100
Toronto, ON    M5C 3A1
College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario
E-mail: caslpo@caslpo.com
Web: www.caslpo.com
Phone: 416-975-5347 or 1-800-993-9459
3080 Yonge St., Suite 5060
Toronto, ON    M4N 3N1
College of Chiropodists of Ontario
E-mail: info@cocoo.on.ca
Web: www.cocoo.on.ca
Phone: 416-542-1333 or 1-877-232-7653
180 Dundas St. W., Suite 2102
Toronto, ON    M5G 1Z8

College of Chiropractors of Ontario
E-mail: cco.info@cco.on.ca
Web: www.cco.on.ca
Phone: 416-922-6355
130 Bloor St. W., Suite 902
Toronto, ON    M5S 1N5

College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario
E-mail: admin@cdho.org
Web: www.cdho.org
Phone: 416-961-6234 or 1-800-268-2346
69 Bloor St. E., Suite 300
Toronto, ON    M4W 1A9

Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
E-mail: info@rcdso.org
Web: www.rcdso.org
Phone: 416-961-6555 or 1-800-565-4591
6 Crescent Road
Toronto, ON    M4W 1T1

College of Dental Technologists of Ontario
E-mail: info@cdto.ca
Web: www.cdto.ca
Phone: 416-438-5003 or 1-877-391-CDTO
2100 Ellesmere Rd., Suite 300
Toronto, ON    M1H 3B7

College of Denturists of Ontario
E-mail: info@denturists-cdo.com
Web: www.denturists-cdo.com
Phone: 416-925-6331 or 1-888-236-4326
180 Bloor St. W., Suite 903
Toronto, ON    M5S 2V6

College of Dietitians of Ontario
E-mail: information@cdo.on.ca
Web: www.cdo.on.ca
Phone: 416-598-1725 or 1-800-668-4990
5575 Yonge St., Suite 1810, Box 30
Toronto, ON    M2M 4J1

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario
E-mail: cmto@cmto.com
Web: www.cmto.com
Phone: 416-489-2626 or 1-800-465-1933
1867 Yonge St., Suite 810
Toronto, ON    M4S 1Y5

College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario
E-mail: info@cmrto.org
Web: www.cmrto.org
Phone: 416-975-4353 or 1-800-563-5847
170 Bloor St. W., Suite 1001
Toronto, ON    M5S 1T9

College of Midwives of Ontario
E-mail: ea@cmo.on.ca
Web: www.cmo.on.ca
Phone: 416-327-3132
55 St. Clair Ave. W., Suite 812, Box 27
Toronto, ON    M4V 2Y7

College of Naturopaths of Ontario
E-mail: info@collegeofnaturopaths.on.ca
Phone: 416-583-6010
150 John St., 10th Floor
Toronto, ON    M5V 3E3
College of Nurses of Ontario
E-mail: cno@cnomail.org
Web: www.cno.org
Phone: 416-928-0900 or 1-800-387-5526
101 Davenport Road
Toronto, ON    M5R 3P1

College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario
E-mail: info@coto.org
Web: www.coto.org
Phone: 416-214-1177 or 1-800-890-6570
20 Bay St., Suite 900
Toronto, ON    M5J 2N8

College of Opticians of Ontario
E-mail: mail@coptont.org
Web: www.coptont.org
Phone: 416-368-3616 or 1-800-990-9793
85 Richmond St. W., Suite 902
Toronto, ON    M5H 2C9

College of Optometrists of Ontario
E-mail: adminassist@collegeoptom.on.ca
Web: www.collegeoptom.on.ca
Phone: 416-962-4071 or 1-888-825-2554
65 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 900
Toronto, ON    M4T 2Y3

Ontario College of Pharmacists
E-mail: mail@ocpinfo.com
Web: www.ocpinfo.com
Phone: 416-962-4861 or 1-800-220-1921
483 Huron St.
Toronto, ON    M5R 2R4

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
E-mail: feedback@cpso.on.ca
Web: www.cpso.on.ca
Phone: 416-967-2600 or 1-800-268-7096
80 College St.
Toronto, ON    M5G 2E2

College of Physiotherapists of Ontario
E-mail: info@collegept.org
Web: www.collegept.org
Phone: 416-591-3828 or 1-800-583-5885
375 University Ave., Suite 901
Toronto, ON    M5G 2J5

College of Psychologists of Ontario
E-mail: cpo@cpo.on.ca
Web: www.cpo.on.ca
Phone: 416-961-8817 or 1-800-489-8388
110 Eglinton Ave. W., Suite 500
Toronto, ON    M4R 1A3

College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario
E-mail: questions@crto.on.ca
Web: www.crto.on.ca
Phone: 416-591-7800 or 1-800-261-0528
180 Dundas St. W., Suite 2103
Toronto, ON    M5G 1Z8

Transitional Council of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario
E-mail: info@ctcmpao.on.ca
Phone: 416-862-4790
163 Queen St. E., 4th Floor
Toronto, ON    M5A 1S1

Transitional Council of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario
163 Queen Street East, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON     M5A 1S1
Phone: 416 862 4780 or  1-877-883-8083

Transitional Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario
Email:  info@cprmhto.on.ca
163 Queen Street East, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON    M5A 1S1
Phone 416 862-4801 or 1- 888 661-4801