About OSMT: Our Mission Vision and Values

Our Mission Vision and Values


The Mission of the OSMT is to:
Advocate for medical laboratory professionals and facilitate the advancement of collaborative practice to provide quality diagnostic information and improve healthcare.
Vision Statement
Recognition of medical laboratory professionals as critical team members in diagnosis and life-long health.
Values Statement
Collaboration with integrity and respect.

About the OSMT
The Ontario Society of Medical Technologists (OSMT) is the voice of the Medical Laboratory Technologists and Medical Laboratory Assistants/Technicians throughout Ontario. Founded in 1963, the OSMT is a member driven, non-profit Society, governed by a Board of Directors, aided by an Executive Director and office staff. OSMT representatives are active volunteers from the OSMT membership, who organize, provide leadership and serve as advocates of the profession in our rapidly changing social and political environment.

The OSMT leads its membership in presenting and promoting a professional image to government, employers, the public, educational institutions, business and to other health care professions.

The OSMT represents the common interests of all Medical Laboratory Technologists and Assistants/Technicians in the province of Ontario.

The Society offers a comprehensive package of benefits to its membership and is committed to enhancing the professional image of medical laboratory professionals.

Why Is It Important To Belong To Your Professional Society?

To stay informed, stay current

To affirm sense of pride in being a laboratory professional

To access continuing education and professional development (QA requirements)

Increase employment opportunities
(MLA/T Certification)

Enjoy benefits
(liability insurance, affinity programs)

To strengthen the collective voice of laboratory professionals

To participate and make a difference
(leadership and skill building opportunities)