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Ontario Society of Medical Technologists Position Paper
December 2015

Position Paper on the regulation of medical laboratory assistants and technicians and the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO) Voluntary Roster initiative for Registered Medical Laboratory Technicians (RMLT) in Ontario.

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OSMT Releases MLA/T Regulation Survey Report
August 11, 2015

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Busting the myths about the regulation of MLA/Ts

So what's the real scoop on the status of regulation for Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technicians?

Position Statement on regulation of medical laboratory assistants and technicians in Ontario

An OSMT commissioned survey on the potential regulation of laboratory assistants and technicians in Ontario has now been completed.  This position statement, that was developed as a result of the outcomes, is available by clicking on the following link:

An Update on Professional Regulation for Laboratory Assistants/Technicians
The regulation of laboratory assistants/technicians has been on the minds of many and is now the attention of a number of laboratory stakeholders. We know that this subject has also been on the minds of many OSMT members. The results of a survey done by the OSMT indicate that, while generally both MLTs and MLA/Ts are in favour of regulation for lab assistants/technicians, MLA/Ts need further education about what regulation is and how it would impact them.

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Reasons to choose OSMT certified Medical Laboratory Assistants/Technicians (MLA/Ts)

The following information has been distributed to laboratory employers in Ontario to promote the MLA/T certification program and to explain why OSMT certified MLA/Ts are the best choice for the job.

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Information for MLA/Ts about professional regulation

Most of our members will have heard that the OSMT is considering seeking regulation for laboratory assistants or technicians in Ontario.  Before doing so, it is essential for the Society to know whether our members would support the pursuit of 'regulated health profession' status for lab assistants/technicians.  For this purpose, the OSMT Board has carried out a survey of a cross-section of the Society's membership.  Many members, both MLTs and MLA/Ts, seemed to favour the idea.  However, while conducting the survey we also learned that many MLA/Ts are not entirely clear about what it means to be 'regulated' (by rules that govern a profession).  The OSMT believes it is critical that all our members understand the responsibilities of professional regulation before the Association takes steps toward it.

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